Rivalry Between Instagram and Snapchat?

Social Media has become a necessary part of our lives today. Every single thing we do in our lives is frequently shared on social media platforms. Be it information related to any family members and friends, we chose to share the events as an open, readable book to all. Developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram is one of the most fastest growing social media platforms that grew largely with nearly 1 Million registered users within 2 months of launching. It allows its users to capture photos, share videos and send messages to other Instagram users only with a single touch.

In recent new, it has been confirmed that Facebook owned Instagram app is currently in the developing phase of a new messaging app known as Threads, acting as a competition to Snapchat. This messaging app is aimed to use between a close group of friends which allows the friends to send text messages, make phone calls, make video calls, allow video messaging, share individual location, share speed, share battery life, and many more exciting features.

Another feature within the application provides users to share automated updates with the top-positioned friends within their Instagram list. The app will further send real time information and generic-informative texts to close friends within the group such as “Eating” or “Going Out”. A green mark will indicate whether the friends are active on the app. The app will further let the users update their status manually which will appear within the main feed of the close friends along with the sent messages.

The launching date of the application has not been announced yet by Facebook. Facebook recently announced that any new applications will now release under the developer name “NPE Team, from Facebook”. Facebook is taking a major step into their rival shoes. The effort of this app is to let users constantly share automated updates to the close friends. This app will be seen to provide a tough competition to Snapchat as Snapchat is used by users to share their personal lives with their closest friends. Let’s wait to see what this app holds for us after launching.

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