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360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10

In StockSKU - 6973481900425
360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10


in stock
product code : sku - 6973481900425

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  • Built-in trinocular lidar for ultra slim design
  • Smart obstacle avoidance
  • Intelligent carpet cleaning
  • Smart mopping
  • Voice assistant integration

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Ultra-slim design with built-in LiDARs stereoscopic 3D perception and efficient obstacle avoidance

    • Trinocular built-in LiDARs provide navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance – 3300Pa superior suction.
      • 520ml electronic water tank
      • 500ml dust
      • 5000 mAh high-capacity battery

Ultra-slim Design

    • With built-in LiDARs=S10 is only 8.5cm height and can sweep and mop under beds and cupboards without touching the furniture.

Efficient Obstacle Avoidance

    • LiDAR navigation for three-dimensional obstacle avoidance It can see clearly to efficiently avoid obstacles and collisions.

Maximum Configurations

    • 3300Pa superior suction, with minimal noise
    • 520mI electronic water tank
    • 500mI dust bin Efficient sweeping and mopping for a quiet and clean environment.

Fully Automatic Operation

    • Identify carpets and multi-floor areas automatically and accurately Clean dust-prone areas with just one click.

Reimagine The LiDAR Robot

    • 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1O adopts innovative built-in LiDAR with a height of just 8.5 cm.
      • With aerospace-grade dToF technology, long-range detection accuracy is increased by 200%.
      • The closed optical design can protect the LiDAR and prolong its service life by 300%.
      • With a hidden micro LiDAR sensor the dimension is decreased by 350%.


    • 200% is the error accuracy comparison result with the radar of 360 Robot Cleaner X95 measured the actual 4 m distance at 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lab.
    • 300% is the comparison result with the standard test data of the radar aging test of the 360 Robot Cleaner X 95 measured at 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lab.
    • 350% is the dimension comparison result with actual dimension data of the radar of 360 Robot Cleaner X 95 measured at 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lab.

Reimagine Thr LiDAR Robot

    • With hidden LiDARs, it cleans narrow spaces smoothly and thoroughly and does not get stuck and avoids collisions, while cleaning the areas under beds, cabinets and sofas.


Externally mounted LiDAR

Built-in LiDAR

Fail to Enter It cannot sweep under cabinets and sofasthus leaving some garbage and dust. Clean thoroughly It can sweep under cabinets and sofas to clean all the hard-to-reach areas.
Paints may be scratched easily The externally-mounted LiDAR outside of the bodyis prone to collisions when cleaning under the furniture. Protect furniture The body has no bulge and avoids collisions when cleaning under the furniture.
Prone to breakage Because of long-term exposure to the environment, the operation will be affected if dust and hair get in. Damage-proof Hidden design + independent shield blocks foreign materials.
Short service life Rotation is provided by a traditional belt. Longer service life It adopts an expensive wireless coaxial motor.

Ai-powered 3D Vision

    • Stereoscopic 3D perception of the home environment through LiDAR navigation.
      • Equipped with one LDS Laser and two OLS Laser, SIO can get an effective three-dimensional perception of the home environment. Coupled with the aerospace-grade dToF scanning technology and SLAM algorithm, it enables more accurate room mapping, more comprehensive route planning, and actively avoids obstacles and areas where it could get trapped in ad- Vance while becoming more intelligent.

SLAM algorithm

    • Restores the entire map of a home environment with millimetre-level accuracy, enables accurate room mapping, full coverage, and efficient obstacle avoidance.
      • With 15 years of experience in software and hardware, the strong computing power and upgraded algorithms em-powers SIO with stronger room mapping, route planning, and sweeping. obstacle avoidance, and anti-trapping capabilities, which contribute to the achievement of more user-friendly cleaning and upgrading.
        • Passability increased by 60%.
        • Obstacle avoidance capability improved by 300%.
        • Room mapping accuracy increased by 100%.

Stereoscopic 3D perception of slippers, power strips, body fat scales and other objects It sees clearly to efficiently avoid obstacles and collisions.

    • The three LiDARs. quickly and accurately identify 100 types of objects, such as power strips, slippers, pet feces, and body fat scales. then send the information back to the processor for real-time calculation. This actively identifies and bypasses obstacles, avoids entanglements, prevents sweeping errors and touching by mistake, etc.

Precise Detection with Millimeter-level Accuracy

    • Detection accuracy increased by 10 times Accurate detection of surrounding objects.

Advanced Autopilot Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities

    • Automatically identify more than 100 types of objectsStereoscopic 3D perception for flexible obstacle avoidance.

Aerospace-grade dToF scanning technology delivers more accurate room mapping and full sweeping coverage

    • With the same dToF scanning technology adopted by Apple and the NASA Mars Rover, SIO runs at nanosecond speed, creates accurate room mapping, and restores the global picture of the house to ensure complete cleaning and full sweeping coverage.

360 Robot OS 10.0 for refined regional deep cleaning

    • Carpet Cleaning Mode 4.0 identifies carpets automatically and accurately. Deep cleans with just one click, and bypasses carpets when mopping.

Identify carpets automatically and accurately

    • The bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor for identifying carpet areas automatically and accurately.

No-Mop Zone

    • Automatically configure and No-Mop Zone when encountering carpets Bypasses carpets when mopping and avoid staining.

Automatic carpet pressurization

    • Automatically increase vacuuming power to remove dust Automatically clean the areas that get dirty easily twice in a zigzag pattern.

Clean carpet areas Only

    • Set it to clean carpet areas with just one click on the mobile app.

Intelligent Virtual Wall 3.0

    • Newly-added circle and p gon off-limit areasAutomatic reminder for creating off-limit cliff and carpet areas.

Multi-floor map management upgrade

    • Support fast switching between maps and Wi-Fi.

Maximum Configurations, Setting a New Hygienic Benchmark

    • 3300Pa superior suction eradicates fine dust in gaps and ensures deep cleaning of carpets.
    • The innovative Nidec brushless motor can provide maximum surging suction power of 3300Pa which totally eliminates hair and dust while ensuring deep cleaning of floor areas.

Four suction modes are available

    • 600Pa Quiet mode
    • 1000Pa Standard mode
    • 1500Pa Powerful mode
    • 3300Pa MAX mode

5000 mAh high-capacity battery

    • Battery lasts for up to 3 hours for continuously sweeping multiple floors.

Maximum Configurations, Setting a New Hygienic Benchmark

    • 500ml dust bin with hygienic one-touch emptying function
      • Thanks to the 500 ml large capacity of the cubic dust bin, it can be emptied every two weeks The dust bin and filter can be simply washed with water for easy cleaning.
        • Handle-type cubic dust bin can be removed without spillage and easily cleaned.
        • With filter and mesh on the top, it is dust-proof and has a longer service life.

Disposable dust bag

    • Disposable, convenient and hygienic, avoiding direct contact with dust and other pollutants.

Maximum Configurations, Setting a New Hygienic Benchmark

    • The ultra-large 520ml electronic water tank enables you to mop a 100176 house with one pass. YOU would enjoy walking barefoot on the spotless floor.

3 water levels are optional

    • Intelligent water discharge Intelligent control of water discharge according to the ground material*

Larger mop Mop size is 15% larger

    • Intelligent detection for whether the water tank is correctly installed.

Conveniently take apart by merely pulling back More convenient and user-friendly

    • * To avoid potential corrosion, detergents, disinfectants and vinegar are not suggested to be added to the tank.

Maximum Configurations, Setting a New Hygienic Benchmark

    • Upgraded 1OX Noise Reduction ensures good rest and TV time
    • The dual noise rectifier air duct adopts patented de-noise technology, without impairing vacuuming power-Using an ultra-long rectifier duct, the length is increased by 30% with lower noise.
      • Dual noise reduction duct that adopts the patented design
      • Wind pressure eddy current guidance technology
      • Suspended fan can effectively prevent robot body resonance
      • Brand-new brushless motor
      • Optimized gear design to reduce mechanical loss
      • Optimized dynamic energy balance of wind turbine
      • Ultra-long 15.2cm rectifier air duct
      • Wrapped duct silencing cotton
      • Noise reduction by air outlet silencing cotton
      • Optimized main brush

360 Robot OS 10.0 for refined regional deep cleaning

    • Dust-prone areas like under the sofa and dining table, carpets, and foyer can be cleaned with just one click, saving time and increasing efficiency.
    • An automatic reminder will be given to set the dust-prone areas (such as under the sofa and dining table, carpets, and foyer) as precise cleaning areas so that these areas can be cleaned with just one click on the app.

Intelligent control via the mobile app

    • Real-time display of the use status – of consumables do-not-disturb mode Remote control mode Real-time checking of cleaning paths OTA upgrade.

Scheduled cleaning in advance

    • Area-based scheduled cleaning
    • Scheduled cleaning of specified areas
    • Scheduled cleaning and mopping mode
    • Scheduled cleaning program

Use voice control for house cleaning

    • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Clova

User-friendly Design and Superior Experience

    • Cliff identification
      • 6 sets of cliff sensors that enhance cliff identification capability; automatically prompt to set the anti-drop virtual wall; combine hardware and software to provide dual protection.
    • Obstacle- surmounting height of 2 cm*
      • Easily climb over thresholds, sliding rails and other objects.
    • Disassemble the mopping pad holder with one hand
      • Easy disassembly with just one hand More convenient installation and cleaning.


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