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Telstra Cuts Postpaid Mobile Plans?

Telstra is currently out in the news for changing the previous way it used to charge its customers. Rather than providing its customers a bar of two weeks after its due date, it has now chosen to remove the 14-day period and will now automatically debit the amount due directly from the customers’ bank accounts. Upon asked about the change, Telstra declared that this plan change will bring a “Greater Price Certainty” to its customers!

Telstra wants to ensure that it doesn’t surprise its customers with no additional charges on their bill each month.

Currently, Telstra has only applied these changes for its users under the postpaid, SIM-only plan. The postpaid plans have now been converted to prepaid plans.

As soon as the users heard about this change, they started showing their disappointment on social media accounts. The users were concerned regarding the additional charges they might receive through their banks if there aren’t sufficient funds available in their accounts as it is no longer in the customers’ hands to decide whether they would like to recharge.

The company plans to shift all its users eventually to its newly called “Upfront” Plan. Furthermore, all the new users by the month of April will only be allowed to sign up for upfront plans.

Telstra will allow data sharing for on to 10 plans within the same account on this new plan. This could be cheaper as well as beneficial for families or small businesses who will easily be able to share data. There will further be no additional charges if the users will exceed the certain data as per their plans. This will only affect the speed and will lower down to 3G.

The company further informed its users on its website that they will be able to change their plans only once a month as per their needs.

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