Users Data Leaked with Flaw in iOS 13.1

With the new and most powerful iPhone launches this September, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, they are loaded with a lot quality features. Nearly a week later, Apple launched its iOS 13 update with latest features and software perks without upgrading to any of the latest iPhones. The upgrade is compatible with all the iPhones above 6S and SE and is only available to iPhone and iPod Touch users. It includes Dark Mode, advanced photo edits, QuickPath keyboard, FaceTime correction and many more features.

However, Apple posted an urgent warning to its iOS 13 users to avoid downloading third-party keyboards on their respective devices. The new flaw discovered in iOS 13 allows the third-party applications to have full access to its users’ iPhones without the users actually approving the request. A few examples of such keyboard applications are Google’s Gboard and the SwiftKey keyboard. While the full access is merely used for spellcheck and GIF keyboards, it also gives the developers of the application the ability to collect all the data that is typed by the users, including private messages and account passwords.

If the users want to know if they currently have a third-party keyboard downloaded on their iPhones, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. Apple confirmed that these security issues are not a part of its in-built keyboard. Apple also confirmed that it will be releasing another software update which will fix the security bugs in third-party keywords applications. A new software update was launched yesterday, iOS 13.1.1 with multiple bug fixes including prevention of iPhone restore from backup, frequent battery drain, unrecognition of Siri requests and unsuccessful Reminder syncs. Apple advises its users to uninstall any third-party keyboard apps installed on their iPhones until iOS 13.2 is pushed out.

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